SysmedIBD stands for Systems medicine of chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The main objective of SysmedIBD is to better understand chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and to find new approaches for therapies.

  • Mathematical experts develop models describing the process of chronic inflammation
  • Biologists generate data to validate the mathematical models
  • samples from patients are used to match experimental data to patient cohorts
  • chemical computing suggests potential drugs
  • experts in nutrition follow the outcome of diet intervention of patients

Professor Werner Müller is available for interviews contact.

Systems Medicine

  • Inter-disciplinary approach of research of system biology and medical practice
  • Looks at the dynamic systems of the human body as part of an integrated whole
  • Models on extensive experimental data are applied and further developed to target particular diseases
  • Aims to understand disease mechanism and suggest personalised treatments

IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Chronic inflammation of the gut as Ulcerative clitis and Chron's disease
  • 10 in 100,000 people suffer from ulcerative coltis and 5 in 100,000 people suffer from Chron's disease in Europe
  • Cannot be cured and a lifelong management of the disease is required

Key Data

  • Start Date: 01 December 2012
  • Project Duration: 5 Years
  • Coordination: Prof. Werner Müller, University of Manchester
  • Funding Scheme: Large-scale integrating research project
  • EC funding 11.999.998 Euro

Press Release

Research funded from EU SysmedIBD grant brings new understanding of chronic inflammatory disease: Scientists at the University of Manchester have shone new light on the way cells tune in to different inflammatory signals to understand what is happening in the body. To read the whole press release please click here.

Please find the press release of the Manchester University, announcing the kick-off of SysmedIBD, here.

SysmedIBD White Paper

The Whitepaper for the geneXplain platform can be found here:
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SysmedIBD Leaflet

Please click on the picture to download the official Leaflet for SysmedIBD project.

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